What’s in my suitcase for Ibiza – Holiday Shopping Haul

Anyone love shopping for a holiday just as exciting as actually going on holiday, or is that just me?

Also does anyone else agree that Zara is killin’ it at the minute. I literally love everything – I’ve had to delete the app from my phone and I try and avoid walking past the store. They have really delivered on my holiday wardrobe!

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Holiday Beauty Prep – from lash extensions to a full head of highlights

I actually think girls spend the same amount of money on their holiday prep then they actually do on the holiday! From lashes to highlights and manicures to waxes, I personally have to get it all before I even think about stepping foot onto a plane.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you will know I went to Ibiza for one of my bestest friends Hen Party’s. I’m actually back now from one of the best weekends of my life so I thought I’d share my holiday prep. I’ll share my Ibiza post at a later date!

Individual Eyelashes:

I love nothing more than having a full set of individual eyelash extensions, especially for holiday. It means you don’t have to worry about wearing mascara, so you don’t have to worry and black smudges under your eyes.

I also love that I can go underwater and do pretty much everything with them and they will still look good!

I know I’m going to a sunny country so why do I need a spray tan? Usually getting a spray tan before a holiday is not really my thing but as I am only out there for four days it doesn’t really give me much time to catch a real tan. I’m naturally ginger and fair skinned so tanning is hard for me.

I am also bridesmaid (yeah I know, it’s exciting) so I want to make sure I look my best and I feel so much better with a tan.


I’m a bit of a picker so whenever I’ve had gels I’ve literally just picked them off within a day or two so I’ve decided to just go with a polish. I love to match my nails and toes and as it is summer I thought – brighter the better.

Hair Removal:

I like to be smoother than a dolphin the majority of the time anyway – sometimes you have to have those awkward in between wax days, and sometimes in winter you leave it a little longer than you probably should.

I treated myself to a hot wax kit, so it means i can do it myself in the comfort of my own home.


Nothing like a full head of light blonde highlights and a good chop to get you ready for summer. I light my hair to be as light as possible, and then when I go away I tend to leave it to dry naturally so it kind of looks like I have beach hair.

HD Brows:
Brow game has to be strong – As I mentioned before I don’t really like wearing too much makeup on holiday so my last extensions, teamed with good brows, means that I can usually get away with a more natural look.

How do you prepare for a holiday? What treatments do you get done?

Love Leigh

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review – Best. Foundation. Ever.

I strongly believe that my Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is the holy grail of foundations. The coverage, texture, colour, literally everything about it is perfect!

I know I mentioned this foundation in my Everyday Essential post, which you can read here, but I thought I would go into more depth about what I believe to be the best foundation!

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Raw and Refined Homeware – bespoke furniture that YOU need to check out

Stepping away from beauty today and I’m going down the interior design post route as I show you the furniture in my flat.

So… my boyfriend and I have been working on a super exciting new project. When I say we, I mean he does the manual labour and I  do everything behind the scenes. Continue reading

My Top 5 Holiday Beauty and Skincare Essentials

As our summer holidays (or vacations as other might call them) approach, it is essential we look and feel our best. Whilst we love sunning it up on the beach and drinking cocktails by the sea, we still need to keep our skin hydrated and avoid the lobster look at all times.

As my trip to Ibiza fast approaches I thought I would share with you my top 5 holiday beauty and skincare essentials.

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My Top 10 Things I CANNOT Live Without

So I thought I would share My Top 10 Things I cannot Live Without.

I love reading things like this on others blogs because I think it gives a bit of an insight of who they are, so I thought why not!

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